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Hello I am Heather, since 1998, I’ve been providing professional death care services to families from the Bucks and Carbon  County areas and beyond. From vigil planning to suggesting interventions for comfort, my focus is always on supporting patients and their loved ones. I work with you to create a customized care plan.  Reach out to learn more about my vision and approach.



What are death doulas?

Death doulas, also known as end-of-life doulas, help people navigate death. These professionals offer a variety of services that includes helping a person write their own obituary, completing legal paperwork and creating a peaceful, loving atmosphere at death.

What does a death doula do?

  • Assistance with completing advance directives for health care and death care

  • Assistance with fulfilling final wishes, healing relationships, and/or putting things in order

  • In-home, hospital, hospice, or nursing home visits

  • Companion care and caregiver relief/support

  • Reiki

  • Holding space while life-support is discontinued (includes: after-death rituals and body preparation if desired)

  • Support with stillborn and infant death and bringing baby home for a home funeral

  • Suggestion of interventions for comfort of all present

  • Development of vigil plans

  • Guided imagery and meditations to help alleviate anxiety and suffering

  • Life review and legacy projects

  • Development of meaningful, accessible rituals for healing, commemoration, and continued bonds

  • Continuous bedside presence during the final stages of the dying process

  • Guidance with after death care of the body and home funerals

  • Coordinating with funeral homes

  • Assistance with funeral planning

  • Obituary and eulogy writing support

  • After death follow-up and grief support

  • Referral to other community resources as appropriate

Death Doula vs Hospice

The difference between hospice and death doulas is that death doulas do not provide medical care. Instead, death doulas work in conjunction with hospice programs to provide interpersonal, social, logistical, and spiritual guidance that complements the care they receive in hospice.

Why Hire a Death Doula?

By having an end-of-life plan and someone to go to for advice, it may help everyone feel less stressed and more at ease. It always relieves the burden of one of your family members having to organize their loved one's end-of-life care.


  • 1 hr
    $25 - $75 per hour

  • 1 hr
    $75-$125 per hour

  • 1 hr

Heather’s energy of love and light reach you immediately. She works with you as a whole.. mind, body and spirit. I’ve always known Heather’s energy attracted me to be kind, but this was my friend and I on a whole different level, a beautiful space. I highly recommend Heather! You won’t be disappointed


Heather is so intuitive and knowledgeable. She makes you feel at ease and never judges anything you tell her. The tools she has given me and continues to give will last me a lifetime.
Heather is simply amazing!


Heather is AWESOME.  I feel loved and cared for in our sessions and that is a big part of why I work with Heather



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